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Our Team

Desta Company consists of the team of highly qualified specialists. Starting from the foundation of Desta our entire staff of employees has been structured in such a way that today and in the future we are able to solve any possible task at any level of difficulty. Our clients do not have to waste their time or resources looking for individual designers, system analysts or any other IT-specialists to accomplish tasks which are closely related to the process of software development and coding. Our specialists are responsible, skillful, creative, and always ready to work. The reliability of each member of our Development Team gives our clients the confidence that they will get a qualitative project realization within the specified time and planned budget framework!

At present there are 10 experienced software developers and the project management team working in our company and we continue to recruit qualified personnel. At any moment, we can increase development forces upon request and/or in case of extensive development, that requires extra efforts.

Taking aforesaid into account, you can be sure that Desta is your best choice in outsourcing software development. Whether it's business process automation, database development and engineering, Web development, system integration, communication software, decision making and analytical software, Desta can provide you the high-quality service that is relevant to your company's outsourcing software development needs.

Areas of Expertise

Our company works in different fields of modern software development industry but in some areas we have gained solid experience and have successfully realized projects. These areas are the following:

  • Business Process/Workflow Automation: development of systems for business automation such as: accounting, financial analysis, warehouse accounting, order processing, payment and money transfer systems, employers registration and HR management, freight forwarding, working time monitoring, automobile database, report generators, bug tracking system.

  • Database Development: database engineering and implementation for usage in various systems.

  • IT communications: data transferring, mailing, messaging and FTP backup, data capturing and analyzing, monitoring servers, devices, systems and communication channels.

  • Web development: development of the distributed web systems that support servlets, CGI interfaces, content management systems and Web services in client-server architecture.

  • System Integration: development of the specialized software that provides integration with various systems such as internet-banking and other systems; developing the file format conversion software.

  • Systems that implement PC interactions with specialized peripheral devices: Bar-code scanners, point-of-sale terminal, biometric fingerprint scanners, scale platform, PBX etc.

Software Development Process

We start the development of any project by analyzing the common requirements for the program, the conditions and the environment, which the program will be used in. After these, we prepare the project budget. Then, we develop the specifications of the program and description of its functionality. At the end of this stage, the customer will be provided with a schedule of program versions.

Based on the created program specifications, our business analyst and architectural specialist complete the technical requirements for the program to the client for confirmation. It is an iterative process, where the parties work together to agree on all points.

The next step is preparation of the program's prototype and interface development. At this stage, all details will discuss with the client. At the same time, we develop a test plan (and efficient test cases) for the future program.

As soon as agreement will be reached, we begin the implementation of the program source code.

During the development cycle, the constant testing of separate component parts of the program is carried on. After the development cycle will be completed and the program will be installed, Desta will provide free product support for one full year, in order to eliminate any problems and ensure that the product is stable in work. When the free support is terminated, technical support can be provided under the additional agreement between parties.

The proper documentation and preparation of the user's manual is a standard part of our project development.

Software Development Tools

We use the newest technologies in various areas of software development. We can offer the optimal way of software development to our customers making business analysis ourselves. We can also make the research to find out the possibilities of developing one or another task and then find the best solution to that task if needed.

The commonly used platforms, languages and development environments in our work:

Development languages
SQL, PL/SQL, PowerBuilder® v6.5+ (up to v10), J2EE, PHP, HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, Perl, Shell scripting, XML, Action Scripting

PowerBuilder® IDE
Eclipse® 3.0

Oracle® v7.3+ (up to v10g), PostgreSQL®, Interbase®, FireBird, MySQL®, MS Access®, dBase®, Clipper®

Technologies & Libraries
Servlets, JSP, JSF, Wicket, Hibernate, Flash, SSI, SOAP
Internet & Networks protocols
Wise® installation System, InnoSetup

Development platforms
MS Windows® 9x / NT / 2000 / XP and Linux® family

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